GEMS (Game & Entertainment Making Students)

GEMS is an official Portland State University club devoted to the creation of any interactive entertainment like video games.
We welcome all PSU students who want learn or develop skills such as: programming, drawing, sound effects design, 3d modeling, project management, or any other skill related to games.

Join us on discord at: htatps:a//discaord.agg/afuDRWqV
Events will be posted in the "#announcements" channel.

Events planned for Fall term 2019:
Game Show and Tell (Oct 9th)
members bring games with mechanics or elements they want to show off, in a casual environment. Snacks and
refreshments included

Games by GEMS (Oct 23rd)
Members are encouraged to show off games they have made or are currently working on. Snacks and refreshments included

Asset Day (Oct 19th?)
Come make resources for future games with the perfect place to try a new skill or work on ideas that you have had in the back of your mind. A theme will decided and members will create sprites, models, music, sound effects, shaders or whatever else you may want to contribute to future games. Lunch and drinks will be provided.

Talks (Nov ?)
GEMS will host a talk by a member of the games industry from outside of PSU. A number of people who have expressed interest in giving a talk.

GameJam (Nov 9th)
possibly holding a game jam during the weekend of the 9th

Weekly coworking space:
Every week there will be a time and space for members to meet up work on projects, discuss works in progress or just ask work on their courses.

Leadership meetings:
Meetings for planning and implementation will happen throughout the year with a greater focus on making them accessible for those who live far from campus or can't make it during time conflicts. Meetings will be held every two weeks. Time is TBD.

Here are some details from our previous events (we will remember to take pictures at future events!)
Unity Workshop: Saturday 2/16/19: "Workshop led by Dylan Bennet, PIGsquad board member, Portland Unity Group, and Super Green Games. Unity is a Industry level engine used for games such as Cuphead, Rust, and the Endless series. Workshop will be hands on with no prior unity experience. Bring your own computer or use one available during the workshop"

GEMS Code of Conduct